July 5th - Evening Bullfight 20:00

  • The 1st bullfight of the Feria del Toro( Bull Fair) takes place at 20:00 in the Plaza de Toros in Pamplona. Known as the Novillada (apprentice bullfighters) who are up and coming and trying to make a name for themselves

July 6 - 14th - Gigantes 09:30 am

  • Daily the City Giants take to the streets of Pamplona. 8 giants, 4-5 metres in height and first designed by Navarran artist, Tadeo Amorena around 1850´s. they represent the mythical Kings and Queens of Europe, Africa, America and Asia. The Gigantes dance through the streets of pamplona and are extremely popular with the young children.

July 6th - Opening Ceremony 12:00 noon

  • The Chupinazo is an amazing spectacle as the whole world waits for the firing of the rocket that signifies the start of the San Fermin Festival. Reserve your  Opening Ceremony Tickets Now

July 6th - 14th - Evening Bullfights 18:30

  • Daily bullfight spectacle at the Plaza del Toro in Pamplona. Rejones (bullfighters on horseback) July 6 only. From 7-14th typical bullfighting.  Reserve your San Fermin Bullfight Tickets

July 6 - 14th - 7:30 p.m. -Merienda in Bullring

  • A light late afternoon meal eaten all year round but during festival it is typical to "meriendar" in the Plaza de Toros at 7.30 pm on the 4th bull of 6 bullfights.

July 6th - Evening Vespers - 20:00

  • A religious service is held on the evening of July 6th which is attended by the entire city council at the church of San Lorenzo which proudly holds relics of Pamplona´s co-patron saint, San Fermin. Vespers are sung by local choir boys and recordings go back to 15th century

July 6 - 13th - Encierillo - The Silent Bull Run - 22:45

  • At night, the bulls are moved 440 metres from the large corrals across the river up to the corral at Santo Domingo for the morning´s encierro. Spectators are limited by the City Council and must have a security pass however there are some places where you can watch without needing a ticket. The Encierillo is signalled by the blowing of a ram´s horn. The only persons on the street are the pastors and herders who work with the bulls. Onlookers observe from the high walls in total silence, anyone making noise or using flash camera would be considered to be distracting the bulls and most likely find themselves in jail with a hefty fine. 

July 6 - 14th - Fireworks Display - 23:00

  • The most amazing free Inetrnational Fireworks competition in the world. Tip, arrive about 22:30 to get a good viewing location.

July 6 - 14th - Dianas - 6:45 a.m.

  • The Dianas are quiet lively for such an early start and it is a lot of fun to join in with singing and dancing and generally have a great early morning experience.

July 7 - 14th - Apartado - 13:00

  • Daily from the 7 to 14th of July the bulls for the evening bullfight are selected in a vibrant colourful event. A social rather than exclusily a bullfighting event. Attended by many well known personalities and bull aficiados alike who love nothing more than a nice Dry Sherry, bulls testicles and spicy sausage. 

July 6 - 14th - Music Festivals - :00

  • Festivals take place all over the city, dance, rural sports, bull acrobats, traditional music and song, jotas and txistu concerts to live dance music and rock concerts. All day long music from the brass bands from the peñas 

July 7 - 14th - Mules & Horsemen procession - 17:30

  • Each evening at 17:30 the entourage walk the route from the town Hall up to the bullring before the bullfight starts. 2 horsemen and 6 mules beautifully decorated with bells and saddles and 14 muleteers who work with them. Followed by the Municipal Band " La Pamplonesa"

July 6 - 14th - Departure of the Peñas from the bullring - 20:45

  • After the bullfight the Peñas exit the bullring with their huge banners and charangas and parade through the old town of pamplona while everybody dances and sings to the charangas 

July 7th - 1st Bull run / Encierro - 8:00 a.m.

  • The 1st Bull Run takes place on July 7th in Pamplona. The adjoining streets of Mercaderes and Estafeta are closed off at 7:00 a.m. in preparation for the 8 a.m. bull run. This day (7th) is always very dangerous as it attracts the most runners traditionally. If you are going to Run with the Bulls, be in your running position by 7 a.m. as streets get closed off and once closed you will not be able to enter. If you prefer to watch from the safety of a well positioned Balcony then here you can reserve Bull Run Balconies

July 7th - Procession / San Fermin Day - 10:30

  • At 10:30 am on July 7th, the effigy of San Fermin is carried from the church of San Lorenzo and is followed by a procession of the city council dressed in ceremonial regalia, clergy including the bishop of Pamplona and the locals. 

July 8th-14th - Caldo / Soup 3:00 a.m.

  • A light consume which is very popular with party animals who have stayed up all night! Beware, they start serving at 3 a.m.

July 14 - Closing Ceremony / Pobre de Mí - 24:00

  • A beautiful candlelight closing ceremony Pobre de Mi held at the Plaza Consistorial on july 14th. At the stroke of midnight, a rocket is fired to mark the closing of the fiesta and this is when the pañuelo is removed.

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The 7th of July, at 10.00 am on the day, the procession of Saint Fermin leaves from the church of San Lorenzo. The route is jam-packed with crowds who want to see the image of the saint and the entourage that accompany the figure of the saint The street is the best place to contemplate the procession, where there is a bit more room available, except perhaps just at the exit door area which is especially popular for viewing the saint as is also the Plaza del Consejo. Don't miss it. The city corporation in all their finery, and accompanied by all kinds of music bands, including the official brass-band - The Pamplonesa - as well as the Giants, the official entourage etc. all set off to head for the Cathedral to collect the "cabildo" or official assemblage of ecclesiastical representatives. Then, once united, all head off for the church of San Lorenzo, where the remains of San Fermin are kept, to carry out the figure of San Fermin. The figure is paraded through the street with all possible pomp and ceremony during some two hours and is then brought back to the church. The city corporation once more head back to the cathedral to separate from the ecclesiastical party and return to the Town Hall. Thus ends the procession for another year. The most interesting thing about the procession is the pomp and ceremony which accompanies it in the different small acts along the way. There are homages paid to the saint and often impromptu songs are directed at the figure of the saint by people along the route. Perhaps the most moving moment is the entrance to the Cathedral (the momenticos). This is a good time to get the camera out. There's no denying that with all the finery, and ancient costumes on show, the bright-coloured spectacle is an open invitation to shot a good photo.There is also time and space to enjoy the parade without too much hassle from crowds. As the parade is long the route can be lined without creating dense crowds at any one spot. The best place to see everything is from the street and there's no need to look for a balcony.


Las Dianas is the name given to the daily trajectory taken by the official brass band of the city hall "La Pamplonaesa" through the streets of the old town of Pamplona. They set off from the Town Hall every morning at 6:45 and parade through the streets playing local san fermin tunes and other traditional music. The band tends to gather an assorted collection of people behind it. Some of the crowd are made up of early morning risers, mothers with young children and senior citizens usually. At the same time there is a large crowd of the late night revellers who are still on a high & perhaps waiting for the bull-running to begin at 8 o´clock. It´s worth checking it out at least once.


Each year in the Plaza de los Fueros both male and female take part in the Basque Cultural sports event during the san fermin festival in Pamplona.


San Fermin festival holds an "international fireworks competition" each year during the 9 day fiesta. The fireworks start each night at 23:00 for the entire duration of the festival and usually last for 40 minutes. Head to the Pamplona Bus Station or if you know the city then head for the Ciudella Park. Tip: arrive one hour earlier to get a prime locaction and sit on the grass to enjoy a wonderful spectacle each night!