Safety during the running of the bulls is a random thing as you are dealing with human error and wild animals. Therefore it is essential to know the Official Rules for the  running of the bulls as anybody who is running is most definitely risking injury or death as this is a very dangerous activity. The City Hall of Pamplona and Navarra Goverment state that the full responsibility and liability is with the runner to take place in the encierro.

These are tips from many true bullrunners both the veterans and young guns of today, who know what it takes to have a good bull run. 

  • Always respect the bulls
  • Idea is to Run in front of the bulls and NOT behind them waiting around in doorways etc.
  • Watch the bull run on your 1st day
  • Walk the route before you even think about running it
  • Choose start and stop points between 10 - 100 metres maximum. e.g. start at blue door and stop at red door
  • Streamlined clothing, good running shoes, no neckerchiefs, sashes, belts, watches, jewellery or anything that a falling runner might grab onto or more importantly, that can be hooked onto the horns of a bull
  • You got to be looking all around you - all the time while running to be totally aware of where the bulls are
  • If you fall or hit the ground, stay down, assume foetal position and cover your head from back to front with your 2 arms and don't move. Somebody will tip you on the shoulder, when its safe to get up
  • Get some sleep and do not drink too much the night before your bull run. The party will be waiting for you afterwards
  • Listen to your feelings before the bull run. If you don't feel right then don't run that day

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No special kind of training is needed for the pamplona bull run but it helps if you are fit and light on your toes as you will have to avoid both runners and bulls alike!

Physical fitness is always going to help you here and work in your favor although in theory you can be any shape or size. Ask yourself: Can you run to catch the bus and not be out of breath?

Another vital part is being totally aware and having a strategy in place. Either way you will need to know and be familiar with safety at the Pamplona Bull Run and know the Official Rules for the running of the bulls.

In the meantime follow your current training regime and we will see you soon in Pamplona.