The Opening Ceremony the "Chupinazo" is marked by a rocket being launched from the city hall. The explosion of the fireworks rockets at midday on the 6th of July is the signal for the start of 9 days of non-stop partying.  All morning crowds gather in the "Plaza Ayuntamiento" in anticipation and there is not an inch of free space in the packed square. The passion and intensity grows every minute until it reaches a crescendo at midday. At that point the mayor and members of the council step out onto the balconies of the Town Hall to greet the crowds. A nominated person shouts the announcement "Pamploneses, Pamplonesas, Viva San Fermín! Gora San Fermín!" The crowd responds with cries of "Viva!" or "Gora!" and the rocket is launched into the midday sky. At this moment the square erupts as thousands of bottles of champagne are popped and sprayed liberally over the crammed crowd in celebration. The smart, clean clothes of the excited people take their first, but not their last soaking from the spraying of champagne. All over the city the same collective madness bursts out giving way to a whole new atmosphere reigns in the old town. The first bout of drinking has started as thousands of bottles of champagne are guzzled down for the start of an uninterrupted party until midnight of the 14th July arrives.  The Chupinazo begins with such a high that for many people will last the whole week long.


Main Square Stage - 
Plaza Castllo €200 

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City Hall Square - 
Ayuntamiento €450

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plaza castillo opening ceremony

plaza castillo opening ceremony

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The Plaza Castillo is the main square in Pamplona. It hosts the Opening Ceremony also however the rocket that signals the official start to the festival is actually fired from the City Hall square a mere 500 metres away. There is equally the same emotion, excitement and experience as City Hall but less chaotic in my opinion. Our Balcony takes you away from all the serious party-goers and still experiencing the Opening Ceremony.

city hall opening ceremony

city hall opening ceremony

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The Plaza Consistorial is where the City Hall(Ayuntamiento) is located. It hosts the Official Opening Ceremony of the San Fermin festival by the Lord Mayor and an invited guest to launch the rocket at 12 noon each 6 July. Without doubt, this is the best opening to any festival in this world. Viva San Fermin!


We had a blast the whole time there; coming back for sure in 2011. I just realized you had a friend request in for me… Sorry i didn’t get to it sooner. Lots of photo’s, some on FB already and I’ll send you some more, including video. I’m in a play right now that’s running until next weekend; I'll have more time then.

- Cia for now! David Good

Hey Pamplona Man, I’m gutted I can’t come back this year! last year was AWESOME! Definitely will be back sometime! Cheers for all your help with accommodation and wicked as well thanks of that! Hope all is well and that San freeman 2011 is as good as 2010! Catcha!

- Cameron Hore

I had such an amazing time at fiesta this year that I am hoping to make it back for the full 9 days in 2011. All your awesome help with my arrangements and for people you introduced me to made it a pretty incredible experience. I’ve got this pic of me running La Curva on my wall as a reminder.

- Craig MacPherson