Pobre de mi san fermin closing ceremony

Pobre de mi san fermin closing ceremony

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At midnight on the 14 th July the fiesta formally closes with the ceremony calledthe "Pobre de Mí." This takes place in front of the Town Hall, where the fiesta wasopened 8½ days earlier. There are other events also taking place in the city,(such as the Peñas gathering in the main square - the Plaza del Castillo, for theirown celebration). However, in front of the Town Hall a large crowd gathers to sing"Pobre de Mí, Pobre de Mí, que se han acabado las fiestas, de San Fermín."(Poor me, poor me, for the fiesta of San Fermín has come to a close). This is avery sad occasion because it is the end of the fiesta, (though many are relieved because they cannot take any more), but they still look forward to next year andeven sing "Ya falta menos" (there is not long to go, only 365 days more). In fact, the Pobre de Mí is the end of a long day of farewells; the farewell of the Giants takes place in the morning. There is also the farewell of the Peñas in the Plaza de Toros in the evening. Unlike the Txupinazo there is not too much of a crush at the Pobre de Mí. Children can attend without too much hassle. The only problem is to watchout for is, fallen candle grease. It's a custom to attend the closing night with a lighted candle. However, most people have sense enough to keep the lit candle within a plastic cup.


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I had such an amazing time at fiesta this year that I am hoping to make it back for the full 9 days in 2011. All your awesome help with my arrangements and for people you introduced me to made it a pretty incredible experience. I’ve got this pic of me running La Curva on my wall as a reminder.

- Craig MacPherson

Hey Pamplona Man, I’m gutted I can’t come back this year! last year was AWESOME! Definitely will be back sometime! Cheers for all your help with accommodation and wicked as well thanks of that! Hope all is well and that San freeman 2011 is as good as 2010! Catcha!

- Cameron Hore

Hi Michael, again thank you for the lovely hospitality and for the great views we had. Here are some pictures i took.

- Avi Nahon