• People less than 18 years old, are not allowed participate in the running of the bulls in pamplona

  • Crossing the wooden fences which are in place to ensure the bull run passes with ease

  • Standing along the bull run route has been prohibited by police

  • Prior to the release of the bulls, hanging around corners or any building entrances on the route

  • Leaving the doors opened of any premises/houses/apartments/balcony location etc. along the route, Very Important

  • Drunkenness, under the influence of drugs or behaving badly wll not be tolerated

  • Carrying of any objects during the bull run race, especially mobile phones/cameras/procams or backpacks etc.

  • Inappropriate clothing/footwear for the bull run such as flip-flops etc

  • Molesting the bulls, distracting or touching them in any manner, shape or form while running the route or inside the bullring

  • Running down to the bulls or running behind them (you run infront of the bulls)

  • Pausing on the route and sitting on barriers or in doorways is to obstruct the bull run and hinder the runners
  • Taking pictures from inside the bull run, barriers or fences without a press pass or official authorization
  • Any elements that could obstruct the horizontal, vertical or aerial space along the bull run route, except by authorization of the City Hall
  • Any other actions that may or could affect the normal course of the bull run


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