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We offer hotel accommodations, as well as private and shared apartments in Pamplona. The epicenter of the fiesta is in Casco Antiguo – the old part of Pamplona. While the city does its best to accommodate the large number of visitors, it can be difficult getting taxis or buses into and out of this part of the city. Believe me, you don’t want to be staying 10 km outside Pamplona during the festival. You’ll need to be in the city centre very early in the morning if you wish to participate in the Pamplona bull run, or watch it from a balcony, and being close to all the activity will ensure you spend your time enjoying the fiesta instead of trying to find a scarce taxi or figure out unfamiliar bus routes. Unfortunately, housing and sleeping arrangements during the Running of the Bulls can be the most difficult obstacle to overcome in order to fully enjoy all the aspects of the fiesta. Many people, who aren’t aware of the transport difficulties or the best places to find accommodation, unwisely choose to stay in Bilbao or San Sebastian. They don't realise that they need to be very early risers if they ever want to see or partake in the bull run. The streets in the centre are already full of people by 6 A.M. and you still have to find parking in Pamplona. Add it all up and you might as well have stayed up all night! Because there are more visitors than hotel rooms during fiesta, we work with local homeowners to source accommodations in the best apartments and locations in Pamplona. If you are struggling to find a hotel room in Pamplona, please email us and let us know you’re interested. We are updating our accommodations on a regular basis.


  • Over 1 million visitors each year
  • Pamplona has a population of 400,00
  • 3000 hotel beds in Pamplona
  • 4000 bullrunners each day
  • Bull run starts at 8 a.m. daily


Michael, getting back to you, attached are a few photos from the trip to Pamplona. I had the best time in Pamplona for the Fiesta de San Fermin. We had a great apartment, with a nice balcony directly above the street where the Running of the Bulls starts. Michael was a great guide for our trip in Pamplona. He got us settled in comfortably and helped us make the most of our time in the beautiful town. Thanks!

- Grant

Hey Pamplona Man, I’m gutted I can’t come back this year! last year was AWESOME! Definitely will be back sometime! Cheers for all your help with accommodation and wicked as well thanks of that! Hope all is well and that San freeman 2011 is as good as 2010! Catcha!

- Cameron Hore

I had such an amazing time at fiesta this year that I am hoping to make it back for the full 9 days in 2011. All your awesome help with my arrangements and for people you introduced me to made it a pretty incredible experience. I’ve got this pic of me running La Curva on my wall as a reminder.

- Craig MacPherson