Saint San Fermin in his Chapel in Pamplona

The 7th of July, at 10.00 am on the day, the procession of Saint Fermin leaves from the church of San Lorenzo. The route is jam-packed with crowds who want to see the image of the saint and the entourage that accompany the figure of the saint The street is the best place to contemplate the procession, where there is a bit more room available, except perhaps just at the exit door area which is especially popular for viewing the saint as is also the Plaza del Consejo. Don't miss it. The city corporation in all their finery, and accompanied by all kinds of music bands, including the official brass-band - The Pamplonesa - as well as the Giants, the official entourage etc. all set off to head for the Cathedral to collect the "cabildo" or official assemblage of ecclesiastical representatives. Then, once united, all head off for the church of San Lorenzo, where the remains of San Fermin are kept, to carry out the figure of San Fermin. The figure is paraded through the street with all possible pomp and ceremony during some two hours and is then brought back to the church. The city corporation once more head back to the cathedral to separate from the ecclesiastical party and return to the Town Hall. Thus ends the procession for another year. The most interesting thing about the procession is the pomp and ceremony which accompanies it in the different small acts along the way. There are homages paid to the saint and often impromptu songs are directed at the figure of the saint by people along the route. Perhaps the most moving moment is the entrance to the Cathedral (the momenticos). This is a good time to get the camera out. There's no denying that with all the finery, and ancient costumes on show, the bright-coloured spectacle is an open invitation to shot a good photo.There is also time and space to enjoy the parade without too much hassle from crowds. As the parade is long the route can be lined without creating dense crowds at any one spot. The best place to see everything is from the street and there's no need to look for a balcony.


A few minutes before the daily bull run or begins, the runners pray to San Fermin and sing the "San Fermin Song". Waiving newspapers, they do this in front of niche where a statue of the saint is placed during the fiesta. At 7:55, 7:57 and 7:59 am,  the song is chanted 3 times before the statue of the saint adorned with the red panuelo of the peñas(san fermin societies) at the begining of the hill of Santo Domingo.

Spanish: "A San Fermin pedimos, por ser nuestro patrón, nos guíe en el encierro & dándonos su bendición"

English: "To San Fermin we ask, you are our patron saint, guide us in this bullrun & give us your benediction"

Ending with emotional chants of Viva San Fermin!, Gora San Fermin! ( Long live San Fermin, in spanish and basque)

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