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Running of the Bulls 2015 & San Fermin Festival

Running of the bulls 2015 & San Fermin festival. My name is Michael Murphy aka PamplonaMan as I live in here Pamplona /Iruña (Pamplona in basque) on estafeta street and directly on the route of the "running of the bulls". I am living here eight years now, with the love of my life Sofia, who is basque lady. I know everything about pamplona as it is my adopted city, especially during the San Fermin Festival! Established in 2007 in Pamplona with 8 years of successful san fermin festivals behind us now, we know & understand (as only insiders do) what you need to fully enjoy this great festival of our fantastic city! We boast the fact that we take great pride in ourselves by providing "better value beats them all" approach as here in pamplona we believe the fiesta  should be available to all &not just the "fortunate" with lots of money. This is my city´s fiesta and we open our arms to the whole world and your welcome. Having said that, each to his or her owns budget but dont worry as I will guide you in the right direction even if I cannot help you or your group.


We provide and offer all inclusive package trips and experiences in Pamplona during the san fermin festival. We offer lodgings in hotels, hostals, private & shared apartments in the centre of the pamplona´s old town - pamplona balcony spot rentals, to witness the spectacle of the encierro/pamplona bull run 2015, whilst being located at the very best vantage points along the bullrun route - later on, the evening corrida/bullfight while experiencing the spectacle of a bullfight the Plaza de Toros bullring arena. 


Why? because we are locals & we know how to do it better than all the rest


The San Fermin Festival 2015 dates 6 - 14 july which starts at noon on 6 july each year with the opening ceremony "chupinazo" when the rockets explode from the balcony of the Pamplona city hall at midday, the party/fiesta errupts below to the thousands of people enjoying the opening ceremony of the fiesta of san .


Ending at midnight on 14 july with a happy, jolly & beautiful candle light closing ceremony "pobre de mi" once again outside the city hall & the Plaza del Castillo, (main square in pamplona) where the crowds spill out into the streets of the old town of pamplona. 9 days & nights of non stop fiesta incorporating a multitude of free family events & fairs such as traditional basque dancing & music, basque cultural sports, international firework competitions each night, live concerts, so much more for all your family & friends to enjoy the best festival in the world!. Live, eat, drink, dance & party side by side with the locals in the heart of old town of pamplona or iruña (basque). You can be sure of some real Basque culture, traditions, music, song, dance & meet lots of new friends as the basques are really friendly & open people! The San Fermin Festival is the largest internacional attendance at any festival in the world! Experience a truly authentic trip of a lifetime & a genuinely memorable friendly time when you book your San Fermin Festival 2015 with us! You have come to run with the bulls in Pamplona, not sit on the fence! That is the PamplonaMan difference! To ensure you dont miss-out this year, start planning one of the biggest adventures of your life? Contact us

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#All our accommodations are based in the centre of pamplona´s old town

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#From which Balcony will you be watching the running of the bulls

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#Seats in the shade section with the average temperature around 35 celsius

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