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SAN FERMIN 2016 Pamplona

Running of the Bulls 2016 and the San Fermin Festival.  My name is Michael Murphy and I’m also known as ‘PamplonaMan’. I live in Pamplona (Iruñain Basque) year-round and I’m your local expert for help arranging your visit to the Running of the Bulls. I’ve been living here for eight years now, with the love of my life Sofia, a Basque lady. The balconies of our home look directly onto Calle Estafeta, the most famous street in Pamplona where the bulls run each morning during the fiesta. I speak Spanish fluently and know everything about my adopted city and our world famous fiesta. In 2007 we formed our travel services company and for eight years, have been helping visitors to have extraordinary experiences during the San Fermín fiesta. We know and understand what you need to fully enjoy our city and the greatest festival in the world, as only insiders can.


We offer all inclusive package trips and experiences in Pamplona during the San Fermín festival. Compare the lodgings we offer in hotels, hostels, private & shared apartments in the old city centre. Contact us to rent balconies for a safe, front row view to witness the spectacle of the Pamplona bull run 2016 (the “encierro”) at the very best vantage points along the bull run route. In the evening, take in the bullfight with tickets for seats in the coveted shaded section of the Plaza de Toros bullring arena. Don’t see what you’re looking for on our website? Contact us. We realize that everyone has different budgets and ideas of how they would like to experience the fiesta so don't worry, I will guide you in the right direction even if I cannot help you or your group.


The San Fermín Festival 2016 runs from July 6th to 14th. It starts at noon on July 6th every year with the opening ceremony known as ‘el Chupinazo’. Rockets explode from the balcony of Pamplona City Hall and the mayor announces the official start of the fiesta, signalling thousands of revellers to tie on their iconic red panuelos (or neckerchiefs) in tribute to the fiesta’s patron saint. The intensity of the fiesta is at its highest as visitors and locals alike celebrate in all the bars, restaurants and plazas of the old city.


For 8 ½ days each July, you can experience the greatest celebration on earth.  The non-stop fiesta incorporates a multitude of free family events. With traditional Basque music and dance, Basque cultural sports, exquisite Navarran cuisine, international firework competitions each night, live concerts, and so much more for all, your family and friends will have a unique and memorable experience as you enjoy the best festival in the world! Live, eat, drink, dance and party side-by-side with the locals in the heart of old town of Pamplona. You can be sure you’ll experience real Basque culture, traditions, music, song, dance and meet lots of new friends as the Basques are very friendly and open people. 


All good things must come to an end, and after 204 consecutive hours of celebration the fiesta comes to a close at midnight on July 14th. Revellers mourn the end of fiesta at Pobre de Mi, a beautiful candlelight ceremony in front of City Hall. While the end of the fiesta is a sad moment for many locals and visitors, the mood doesn’t stay sombre for very long as the crowd soon starts to celebrate the countdown to next year’s fiesta.


The San Fermín Festival has the largest international attendance of any festival in the world.  Experience a truly authentic trip of a lifetime and have a genuinely memorable, friendly time when you book your San Fermín Festival 2016 trip with us. That is the PamplonaMan difference!  To ensure you don't miss out this year, start planning one of the biggest adventures of your life.


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